Welcome to the MDSU-2 On-line Store.

This store was created by the MDSU-2 Store Manager as a fund-raiser for the group. Questions about timeline and deliver of goods should be directed to the store coordinator.

On-Demand orders will be delivered approximately 1-2 weeks later.

Pre-sell items will be taken for a time period and after the close of the sale items will be delivered to you by the store manager. approx 1-2 weeks later

Key Points to Remember: Please read the following information.

1., is a free service brought to you by Virginia Beach based GDC Embroidery, Screen Printing and Promotional Products.

2. The MDSU2 site was created by the Store Manager. Questions about timeline and deliver of goods should be directed to the store coordinator.

3. Go to and Click on MDSU2. View and Purchase the items selected by MDSU2.

4. Enjoy exceptional pricing and quality products picked especially for you by your organization. MDSU2 members and family are encouraged to help support the Command.

5. Shop when it is convenient for you. The site is open 24/7 and is free to any business, organization or person.

6. GDC is here to help you with your purchase. Our web site is secure and convenient to use 24/7. Note that but that our offices are located here in Hampton Roads. 9am-5pm

7. Choose PICK-UP as a shipping method or you will be billed for shipping. Your orders will be picked up and distributed by the MDSU2 Store Coordinator. You can call to coordinate a pick-up from GDC's Shop in Virginia Beach if desired.

8. If you are not sure about size, color, product, etc. Order the items you think will work. If you would like to Try-on/Test-out the items you purchased, please make a note in the COMMENT AREA or call 757-518-0219.

9. Orders may not be returned once they are screened/embroidered.

10. If you would like to know more about our E-commerce options for another organization, please give us a call. We would love to discuss the program with you.

GDC is happy to help in any way to make this process go smoothly. Thank you for supporting the MDSU2.